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Curry AND crockpot - now that is the bees knees!<br/>I adore both and after collecting many recipes for meat and egg diners decided to have a family dish that I can eat too.<br/>I have not been able to garden in our field for a while and it has been a source of frustration and it is lovely to be given a huge bag of zucchini and the promise of more (bumper crop), It will be paid for by swopping some of my chutney and several recipe samples for this kind couple. I hope they enjoy as much as we do.<br/>We just fill our two freezers with various cooked vegetable mixes, pies, muffins, slices and there are so many different lovely chutney recipes too. We love to give to the coalman, the dustbin men etc. they work so hard and battle all weathers and we love to show our appreciation with the recipes that some request now!

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CelticVeggie August 14, 2013
Sayur Lodeh - Malaysian Vegetable Curry (Crock Pot)