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I wish I could review this properly, but it was inedible as written. Way too much chili paste and powder. When I read "2 tablespoons chili paste" I thought "Wow, thats a lot" and I put 1 tablespoon, which still was overpowering. Then I added the chili powder, which it was not mentioned until the end of the recipe that it was optional! You can imagine how hot it would have been had I added the entire 2 tablespoons chili paste but Im afraid the table spoon each of paste and powder was still too much! I tried to submit a recipe correction to recipezaaer, because I think it should say 2 teaspoons chilipaste, but for whatever reason it wasnt accepted.

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BatiksWindmillsAndTurbans May 22, 2008

Delicious! and easy to make, it tastes very much like the one served at the Indo Cafe, here in Los Angeles. Thanks for posting this; now I can make it at home.

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lynnski / LA May 01, 2007
Sayur Lodeh