Savoury Hamburger Patty With a Twist

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READY IN: 22mins
Recipe by Pantry Savvy

Wanted to make a change to my hamburger patty and decided to try something different with ingredients that would surprise you and tastes delicious. There is no bun with this hamburger and it is accompanied with vegetables and plain salad.

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  1. Put all ingredients in a bowl; mix it all together and cook in a non-stick pan for 15 minutes. Turn over the hamburger after 7 minutes or depending on your stove heat. Keep on eye on your hamburger to make sure it is not under or over cooked. Cook your favorite vegetable on the side with a complimentary bed of iceberg lettuce with light Italian Dressing. Another time I tried a drizzle of light, 50 percent less calories maple syrup (table blend) on top of the hamburger which I thought the kids would love. It's a good way to get them to eat meat and it tastes really good. Not too much maple syrup as that is all you will taste. Makes 1 large hamburger.
  2. Note: When it comes to spicing up this hamburger the list is endless. Add your favorite spice and you can even split to recipe and make 2 smaller hamburgers with different spices in each as maybe a family member would prefer it spicy. Just remember to split the measurements in half.

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