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Ohmigosh, this was amazing! I have to admit the ingredients sounded a little gross, but I decided to trust you since you said it was delicious. Delicious is not a strong enough word! The chicken was so tender and the flavour went right through each piece of chicken. I have made this recipe twice now, the first time the dish was quite messy, so the second time I lined the dish with Aluminum foil, clean up was a breeze, you may want to add that to your recipe directions!

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pennynickle March 25, 2003

Made this for supper tonight, it was a hit. Thanks, will be making this again.

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gabbysowner May 22, 2007

Can I be your second groupie? *joke* ;) But this one was fantastic. Like Pennynickle, I was a bit hesitant with the ingredients, but having already tried your amazing corn chowder, I decided to give it a go. Next time I won't add as much dry onion soup mix as I found it quite overpowering. But still - absolutely delicious.

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monii September 12, 2004

Terrific recipe! I was a touch skeptical provided the name and then so many sweet ingredients, but it was excellent! I had some raspberry jam to use up, so that is why I decided to try this recipe. The substitutions I made were that I did not have chili sauce so I used ketchup instead. Also from another review about the onion soup mix I had already decided to substitute 1 teaspoon onion powder and the results were good. Plus, the raspberry jam instead of strawberry. The mayonnaise adds moisture. I do not believe this needs to be cooked a whole hour unless there is a lot of chicken and it is crowded together. I cooked mine 40 minutes at 350 F and it was completely done - and I used whole breasts not cut up. I love this so much I am considering making it again today (just made yesterday and ate two whole chicken breasts myself!). I could see adding some finely chopped onion or pressed garlic too, and am sure I will try that in the future. Thanks for posting, Dannygirl, I will make this often!

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Garlic Chick May 05, 2013

I didn't cut up the chicken but left it in whole pieces instead. I made this as a "dump" recipe by putting everything into a ziploc and then popping it into the freezer. To serve, I dumped the contents of the bag into the crockpot and cooked on low all day. The chicken was tender and the sauce came together nicely even with the interesting ingredients. Thanks for posting! :)

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* Pamela * May 15, 2006
Savoury Glazed Chicken