Savoury Cheese - Traditional British Sandwich Filler

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is a gorgeous, mellow sandwich filler I have discovered in Britain and got absolutely hooked on! It's a very savoury and cheesy filling with a lovely melt-in-the-mouth texture which makes it the ultimate comfort food. Attention - some people my find this quite smelly, but it's worth it!

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  1. mix the cheeses in a bowl.
  2. add mayonnaise to desired creamyness (don`t be too skimpy, though!).
  3. Add pepper and salt, finely diced spring onion and finely diced onion in quantities that suit you.
  4. TIPS:
  5. You may omit the Red Leicester and Mozzarella Cheese and use only Cheddar or similarly strong cheese.
  6. This tastes best if made the day before and not served straight from the fridge.
  7. Can be used as filler for sandwiches and baked potato (traditional), but is also gorgeous as a dip for vegetable crudities.
Most Helpful

Sounds nice. But, take away the mozzarella, Red Leicester and spring onion. And add grated carrot. That is the original and traditional cheese savory recipe. It come from the north of England and that's usually the only place in England u will find it. Enjoy :)

squarer69 July 19, 2014

My gosh! This was amazing! I recently returned from a trip to England where, nearly every day, my lunch consisted of a baguette with the most delicious filler ever. When I got back to the US I was dying to have it again. I looked on this site, and was so amazed when I found your recipe. It's exactly the filler I had in England! It tasted fabulous. Thank you so much for putting this up!!! :D

Neddie July 13, 2008