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Very good flavor and colorful with the bits of apricots and flecks of lavender. The length of time to cook the rice after lowering the heat wasn't exactly clear,but since the total cook time given was 35 minutes, I assumed that 28 minutes or so was intended. The rice was not ready by then, so I continued cooking far longer, raising the heat to speed up the process. Next time I would toss this into a rice cooker after sauteeing the rice in the butter step.

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HeatherFeather February 10, 2007

This was very good and accompanied quite well Steak Diane and roasted asparagus. I used basmati rice, reduced the dried fruit to 1/2 cup total and fresh herbs from our garden. Elegant and easy! Will make again soon! Filed away in the cookbook book #73803

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COOKGIRl June 28, 2010

This was by far very intresting. I have never used lavender before and I must say it was an aquierred taste for my taste buds. I think my brain is used to associating lavender with soap or shampoo or lotion thats why it tasted a bit complex on my pallet at first. I did love the dish and will make it again just that I will use less lavender and incress the amounts as my taste buds ajust to it at time goes by. If you have never eaten lavender before I think 2 tablespoons is too much. Id suggest 1/2 table spoon for first timmers. I had a hard time finding red curranst, is there a suggestion for a good substition? Whole foods only has dried black currants because this fruit is not in season. Will that be ok to use or will it throw off the whole taste of the recipe?

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Spyce January 15, 2008

Some complex flavors here. I never cooked with lavendar before, I like the taste of it. I found it in a pot at my local greenhouse. I think I would use half the lemon juice next time. Other than that, it's brimming with good stuff and flavor. Thanks Venus.

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Kathy228 April 14, 2007

You should change the name from savory to heavenly! The blend of flavors was out of this world! I can't even say anymore because I can't find the words to describe this dish. Both my bf and my son loved it! Thank you, Venus! The only problem I had was that I couldn't find the lavendar at my grocery store... So, I left it out, but I will definitely be making this again and will go on a search for the lavendar.

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StrikingEyes00 February 15, 2007
Savory Rice Pilaf With Lavender & Apricots