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Wow!! Yummy!! :D I halved the recipe as I knew my boys would not be interested (yay, more for me). So very very good, even the next day ! I used dried herbs as I didn't have fresh, increased the garlic because I love it. This will definitely be one of my easy go to recipes for my kid free weekends. I used Sunny Yukon's 'Anytime Crepes' Anytime Crepes for the crepes. Thanks so much for posting this wonderful recipe Tink!! Made & enjoyed for PAC Spring 2011 :)

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Just_Ducky!! March 30, 2011

YUMMY! I made this this morning for my breakfast actually with a poached egg. I'm having just soup for dinner, so I thought this would be nice. I did cheat and got some premade crepes. A local French market sells them frozen and they are actually very very good. I have made my own many times, but thought I would just take a short cut.

Excellent, loved the filling ... the goat cheese was a great flavor. Like French Tart, I too was out of mozzarella, but I had peccorino romano which worked just as well. But mozzarella would be also very nice.

I also made this for one of the ladies I cook for so she could have them for lunch. I made the filling, but removed it quickly after adding the spinach and gave her the goat cheese to add when she reheats the sauce. She said they came out wonderful. She reheated lightly in the micro, stuffed the crepes and then topped with cheese and in her toaster oven to melt. She absolutely loved them and asked for the recipe. She has medical reasons and can't cook much, but it able to warm things up and this she said was excellent.

They came out absolutely decadent and very good. and a must keep. I know a bit odd for breakfast, but almost like a spinach omelette ... The poached egg on the top was over the top. Breakfast lunch or dinner. What a nice recipe

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SarasotaCook April 06, 2011

These were TOTALLY divine Tink darlink! I LOVE spinach and cheese and the addition of the mushrooms and garlic was an extra layer of flavour for this delicious filling. I used local chevre cheese and I hope you don't mind, but I used one pink shallot with the garlic. I made my own French crepes in a special crepe pan, so they were quite large - 10" in diameter. The only other minor sub I made, was to sprinkle parmesan cheese over the top of the crepes as I had run out of mozzarella cheese! I served one per person as a light luncheon dish with French bread and a bowl of fresh salad. My finishing flourish was to sprinkle fresh thyme over the top of the crepes! AN amazing recipe and I can see myself using the filling for other recipes. Made for 5 a Day in the Photo's forum and SAVED for the future! Merci, FT:-)

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French Tart July 06, 2009

Terrific! Next time I'll add asparagus, it'll be even better. Thank you for the easy recipe.

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TC the Cookin' Cableguy April 05, 2011

I cant figure out how to save this to my favorite or I deffinately would- this is a recipe worth keeping!

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Two Moms Catering April 05, 2011

Oh my goodness, these were such tasty and flavorful crepes. I made them for lunch, and they were just the thing to top off our afternoon. I went easy on the goat cheese but doubled the garlic (just to suit my family's taste preferences). And it was just perfect for us. We had a very pleasant lunch. Thanks **Tinkerbell**. Made for ZWT5.

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NorthwestGal June 03, 2009

I used a mild Feta, what I had on hand, but all else was prepared as written. They were wonderful. My husband actually asked me to make them again tomorrow. (A very rare sigh of delight that he does not give out just willy nelly.)

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missystry December 13, 2015

Oh My!!!! I made these this morning for a brunch gathering. Everyone just LOVED them!!!! Including me. There was 1 left over and a gal friend asked if she could take it home. I made my crepes from scratch. Much easier than I was expecting and very very good. Thank you Tink!!! I will make these again and again!!!

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Kimfis1 September 26, 2012

Delicious! I substituted the spinach with swiss chard from my garden (I had to sautee it a couple minutes extra) and it was great. My only criticism is that the mozzerella isn't too exciting as a topping. Next time I'm going to try a hollandaise sauce on top.

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Bethybeth January 27, 2012
Savory Mushroom, Spinach & Cheese Crepes