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My husband and I order our food medium and spicy when we eat out Indian with no problems. This was too spicy for both of us. I prefer to change the Tablespoons to teaspoons and it's much nicer.

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bobafemme February 07, 2007

This was very good! I didn't have any fennel seed on hand. I reduced all seasonings to 1tsp with exception to red flakes at 1/2tsp, cayenne at 1/2tsp, and cumin at 1tbs and 1tsp. I also added a tsp of tumeric.
I let it simmer an extra hour so it was nice and think and served over rice that I had cooked with curry powder.
My 9month old twins went NUTS over this, they loved it! Mommy, daddy and my in laws did too. My 8 year old... well he ate it :)
Thanks for a wonderful recipe that tastes great and made my home smell amazing. Will use this one again for sure!

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amandamarievth October 09, 2010

This is a good soup! I took another reviewer's suggestion and added a teaspoon of Hot Madras Curry Powder. Like others, I also decreased the amounts of spices (except the cumin). Yogurt was good on top of this soup. I tried the leftovers with cilantro and peanuts on it as well, and that was very nice too!

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Maito October 30, 2008

Oh, wow! Superb taste! I did halve the amount of cayenne and red pepper flakes, but otherwise stuck to the recipe. This really gives the taste buds a treat, and is nice and healthy, too. I'll be sure to make this again. Thanx!

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*Parsley* September 14, 2007

Very good! Doubled all ingredients but spices and broth. Soaked lentils in 2 cups cold green tea for 1 hour. Decreased spices by 1/2 stated amount, except I only added 1/4 tsp cayenne & red pepper flakes - no fennel seed. When adding lentils, also added the tea they soaked in and 2 cups chicken broth. I let it simmer for 2 hours so that it got thick and served it over rice. I was tempted to add peas to this dish but didn't.

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dzekoll_11784242 November 14, 2011

This was great. I had to half all the spices because I don't like things very spicy. I didn't have any fennel seeds. I might want to experiment sometime by adding garam masal or some curry. The cinnamon really helps bring out the sweetness of the potatoes but it doesn't conflict with the other spices. I didn't need the yogurt on top but if I had added all the spices I might've. I served this over brown rice.

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Demandy October 26, 2006

savory and simple. even though the recipe directions as listed are simple, i had to really simplify as i was pressed for time. soaked the lentils in green tea (very nice idea)for time stated, and when they were done soaking i cut veggies up and threw all ingredients into a soup pot and let it simmer for 4 hours. i didnt have fennel seeds but it tasted equally good without them. texture was great, taste was equally great as flavors blended so well together. when i make this again i will add more sweet potatoes and hopefully have the time to saute them a bit as suggested as i think it would bring out the flavor of them and i would like to taste more of the sweet potato in it. great recipe!

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jennifer in new jersey October 06, 2006
Savory Golden Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup