Savory Free-Range Aussie Leg of Lamb

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READY IN: 3hrs 20mins
Recipe by Marcinho Savant

This Easter's main course. Inspired by my love of herbs, onion and wine. It says 3 hours cooking time. This allows for oven temp variations, resting and such. The king is the thermometer reading. Allow time for leisurely preparation.

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  1. Place oven rack to the second rung from the bottom and preheat oven to 350°F Gently Line foil roaster (pieces that cover bottom and sides with tin foil and cover (rub) with olive oil.
  2. Slice the red onions into rough cut rings or wedges and place three peeled, chopped garlic cloves into the pan.
  3. Make sure that the leg is pretty well trimmed, leaving the smooth fatty side intact (I discard the suet/tallow these days).
  4. Make slits along entire leg, some to the bone, and insert bits of the remaining two garlic cloves, chopped. Lift some of the edge of the fatty membrane and rub and place garlic under it if you like. Use as much garlic as you'd like.
  5. Lightly Coat with olive oil and liberally dust (to taste) with mustard powder, sage, thyme, caraway seeds, black pepper, sea salt (sparingly) and slowly drizzle champagne vinegar overall.
  6. Place into the oven (second rung from bottom), uncovered, for first hour. I allow 25-30 minutes per pound. I do not open the oven during this time.
  7. After the first first hour, the visible bone should be white and the juices running pretty clear. Remove from oven and rest pan on counter.
  8. Thoroughly baste the leg with the pan drippings. I tilt the roaster and use a large serving spoon instead of a bulb.
  9. Gently fold up the foil that's against the bottom and walls of the roaster to loosely encase the sides of the leg (including the bone tip. I don't cover the top. Place back in the oven and make a cocktail. :-).
  10. After the second hour, check the leg. There will be a lot of jus so be careful. Insert the thermometer into the biggest part of the leg. You want it to be at or near 180 degrees.
  11. If you remove the thermometer and it doesn't run clear or if it isn't (as ovens are different) return to oven and nurse/observe it to temperature.
  12. When finished (the leg--- not the cocktail) baste well again, platter, lightly cover with foil and allow to rest 15-20 minutes before carving.
  13. You may be inspired to make a sauce or a gravy with the drippings. I'm doing a light brown---barely browned (roux) gravy with all the drippings and a hint of white wine.
  14. We're having Chardonnay on the table (or maybe a Gewurtztraminer).
  15. I'm serving it with Garlic-Red-Skin Mashed and steamed cabbage and onion. There's mango chutney and Real Mint Jelly too. Bon appetit!

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