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dipping sauce can I put 1-1/2 Tablespoon sugar . and 1-Tablespoon of cornstarch . for this recipe

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sadie44 November 01, 2008

I made these tonight and we really loved the flavor the eggrolls had. The simple combination of ginger, cilantro, salt & pepper really works well. I am rating these lower than the taste deserves for two reasons. First, I don't think the recipe directions are complete. Step one of the recipe calls for mixing all filling ingredients in a large bowl and then goes directly into rolling the eggrolls. I chose not to add RAW ground chicken hoping it would cook inside the eggroll. I sauteed the meat until done, added the veggies and sauteed until crisp/tender, and then added the spices. I let it all cool 10 minutes, then proceeded to make the eggrolls.Secondly,the 2T of cornstarch made the dipping sauce way to thick. For me, it was more of a solid than a sauce. I would recommend this recipe wholeheartly with these changes. Good job!!!

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Susie D July 19, 2004

Although the ingedients in these egg rolls are quite different from normal, the taste is actually rather good. I did seal my eggrolls with beaten egg yolk (it's what I normally do with eggrolls), and instead of cooking them in a sautee pan, I cooked them in my deep fryer with excellent results. I found that the sauce for these was so thick it was like pineapple pie filling, and overly sweet. I thinned it down quite a bit with some rice vinegar and a little bit of water, which helped to correct both consistency and flavor. I put my extra eggrolls (there are only 3 of us here after all!) into the freezer, and will heat them in the oven later on when I need them. Thanks for posting and good luck in the contest!

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Sue Lau July 02, 2004
Savory Chicken Egg Rolls With Sweet and Sour Sauce