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I will try this again, but found that using a full breast with the richness of the mascarpone mixture and the fruit sauce was too much. Next time I will split the breasts and the reduced size of the portion should be just about right.

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Doesn't Do Dishes March 20, 2009

I needed to alter the assembly of this recipe a bit. I was feeding 10 people so I cut the chicken into short strips & then cooked them all on the stove. The wrapping of the bundles was probably not the greatest with several strips instead of one breast but the end result is what I was concerned with. This recipe, while not my personal favorite, was a raving success. All 10 guys loved the look & the flavor & this serving tray didn't stay full for long. This was clearly a hidden gem & I'm glad I got to try it. Thanks for your wonderful creation, CraftScout! Made for Hidden Gems Event - Winter 2008.

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**Tinkerbell** December 13, 2008
Savory Chicken Bundles With Balsamic Berry Sauce