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the best biscuits i've ever had. I added my own variation today. used pepper, basil, parsley and asiago romano cheeses. turned out great

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chefmick March 26, 2011

I am rating this on the explicit directions on how to accomplish a good biscuit. You can use whatever seasonings you like (as per this recipe) or leave plain. Whichever way you go please, please follow these directions and you will not be sorry. I have been making biscuits with real buttermilk for years as directed here and always a success.

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waynejohn1234 October 20, 2011

Great biscuits! The flavor is great and so flakey. I do need practice as mine were not as pretty as yours but soooo good. I will be trying the different cheeses and herbs. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.

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adopt a greyhound October 23, 2010

I've been trying to make these biscuits since last week...I was in the middle of mixing up the dry ingredients when power cut off....got power back Wednesday night(6days later) so FINALLY made them! I made them with bacon and cheese yum! The directions are so helpful for those of us that don't know diddly about biscuit making. The seasonings gave it such a nice unique kick! I served them with our chicken broccoli alfredo. DH didn't want to share with the kids and wants me to make them into egg,sausage breakfast sandwiches. I see tons of biscuits in our future.

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Loveydose February 05, 2010

The Swedish Chef has done it again! I love the Savory Cheese and Herb Biscuits biscuits. I made them for our Christmas dinner this year. I just couldn’t face another “tube� of biscuits or the plain tasting brown and serve variety. I am familiar with the process of making biscuits so the recipe was very easy to follow for me. Any novice biscuit maker will become an expert if you follow the steps. Once the process is understood you can make any flavor biscuit you desire. I absolutely loved the cheese-I am a big fan of Tillamook cheeses and the vintage white is a family favorite. Chunking up the cheese is brilliant and MAKES the biscuits. Do not take a short cut and grate your cheese! They will not be the same. The burst of cheese is heaven for any cheese lover. Everyone loved them, especially the crispy cheese that melted onto the parchment paper. We had several arm wrestling matches over those bits! I have made them several times since Christmas and they get eaten immediately. I am going to try the Havarti and Dill combo next. I love buying Havarti cheese with dill so that combination hit home for me. I hardly recommend this recipe and the techniques the chef uses to make stellar biscuits every time. Your family will love you and it takes no time at all once the process is understood. Make some tonight!

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Red_Hot_Aries January 11, 2010

Delicious! Thanks for posting the recipe.

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Lucky in Bayview July 08, 2014

Delicious. Wonderful instructions. I made them with cheese and jalapeno and they were great with chili!

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SUjest September 21, 2013
Savory Cheese and Herb Biscuits