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This has got to be one of my best finds of PAC, these things are fabulous!!!! I halved the recipe and ended up with 5 nice big muffin/puddings. Great as is, I added some finely chopped bacon and onion, if you wanted to add veggies I'd suggest something like squash, broccoli, spinach (probably be fab with spinach and maybe a little goatcheese), mushrooms are probably great but I'm also not a fungi lover. I didnt have a baguette, so just used bread slices, guessing a bit for the amount, but it worked out fine. LOVE these!!! Thanks, Dusty and Sarah, made for PAC Fall 2012

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Karen Elizabeth October 16, 2012

This is a good recipe. I have tweaked it a bit and tried it as an appetizer for thanksgiving by adding 3/4 cup of chopped craisins, cheddar instead of Swiss, 2% milk and a pound of ground turkey. Baked in mini muffins tins and they just fly off the plate.

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BlackWarriorQueen December 25, 2014

Great blend of flavors but the texture just kind of threw me off. I should have known better as I've never eaten regular bread pudding as I don't like the idea of soggy bread. But for you that do this is one great recipe and so easy to get ready. DH really liked it and I think most will. But for me, the bread texture just wasn't for me; that said again I did enjoy the blend of flavors and the ease of making. Made for I recommend game, holiday edition 2012

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Bonnie G #2 December 07, 2012
Savory Bread Pudding Cupcakes