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A good topping for fish. We used the BBQ, and skipped the butter. The macadamias are the star here.

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Maito July 31, 2007

I thought this dish was fantastic! The flavours were subtle and almost sweet, but at the same time were lovely and rich (if that's possible!). I made a couple of small amendments - my local supermarket didn't sell whole trout so we had two large steaks instead, and the shallots I had in had gone bad so I used half a small yellow onion instead which worked fine. There was probably slightly too much topping for the steaks (my bad, not the recipe's), but it hardly mattered as it tasted so good. Unfortunately the recipe only gets 4 stars as my picky other half didn't like it at all. This is no real insult to the dish as there are very few fish dishes that he actually likes, but as trout almondique is a favourite of his I had thought this would be a winner also. Silly me! I personally find trout almondique WAY too rich and buttery and that's what I particularly liked so much about this dish - it was still nutty and beautiful but not oozing with a repulsive amount of saturated fat like almondique usually does. This was easy to make, is lovely and light, and is a great summer dish. I will definitely have this again, but unfortunately it'll be Washington Trout for me and Trout Almondique for my other half!

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Wendy-Bob July 18, 2007
Sauteed Washington Trout With Macadamia Nuts