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Sweetbreads can be found frozen in specialty stores. I recently purchased 1.5 pounds at $2.99 per pound, which is cheap. Also, it is not the pancreas. Sweetbreads are the thymus gland in the neck.

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Alan Leonetti October 27, 2008

i made sweetbreads for the first time with this recipe, and it turned out great. my mother has trouble chewing meat, so this was a nice alternative. also, the sweetbreads had a mild taste and pleasant texture. my mom, my 15 yo son and myself really liked them. my husband said, "eh, ok" and my 11 yo declined to eat any past the first bite.

i used gluten free all-purpose flour, and next time, i think i'll cook the flour a bit before i dredge them. because they don't cook very long after you put the flour on, a few pieces had that raw flour taste.

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ldurst January 20, 2013
Sauteed Sweetbreads (Lamb or Veal)