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I defrosted what I thought was flounder and when I opened the package was faced with 1.5lb of Mahi Mahi with the skin on. I had 20 minutes to prepare and serve dinner so I ran to my computer and googled an easy Mahi Mahi recipe looking for one that I could make quickly with the ingredients I had on hand. Luckily I stumbled upon this one. The only extra work I had to do was remove the skin from the fish (and that took less than a minute) and cut my big fillet into three individual pieces. I didn't have any capers but that suit me fine since I don't care for them anyway. I cooked the fish in my Grandmothers old stainless steal electric fry pan on a 350 setting for grill/saute. The wine cooked off while the fish cooked but I didn't have any time to deglaze the pan and make a sauce. The fish didn't need it. It was perfect just the way it was. Moist, flavorful, cooked to perfection. I served it with smashed potatoes and french green beans. My 11 year old son asked what it was and I said a new kind of fish (as he hadn't had it before), he said it was the best fish he ever had and really liked it because it tasted great but it kinda felt like he was eating chicken (lol, whatever that means). My husband loved it to. Definitely a keeper! I will be making this again....and again....

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tippy September 13, 2014

Loved it. I too out more capers. Then used the extra sauce drippings to make a side if sauce adding flour, milk and a little more capers. Also served the fish with a touch of lemon on top. Yum!!

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Erika S. December 08, 2013

Quick, Easy, and Delicious! What more could you ask for? I have to admit, I used more than the required amount of capers....just love them. This is a perfect dish for anyone to make....it really can be on your plate in under 15 minutes!

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breezermom January 01, 2012
Sauteed Mahi Mahi