Sausage With Peppers and Shallots

Recipe by Barb G.

This looked so good when the Chef was preparing this on TV. The recipe comes from Sutter Ridge Vineyards

Top Review by mermaidmagic

This is a really tasty and easy to prepare meal. The flavors blend beautifully together and it makes a pretty dish. I used both orange and yellow peppers and let them sweat in a sealed tupperware bowl. After eating our meal, I took what was left over the following day and made a frittata, which was just delicious. It was nice to enjoy this recipe in two different ways. So glad to have tried this, thank you for posting Barb!

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  1. Broil the pepper on all four sides and ends until skin blisters.
  2. Turn frequently.
  3. Do not burn.
  4. Remove from broiler or grill and seal in plastic bag to sweat, about 10 minutes.
  5. Skin and quarter the shallots across the grain, and set aside.
  6. Remove pepper from bag, skin and clean the interior, discarding the seeds, cut lengthwise into 1/2-to 1-inch wide strips, set aside.
  7. Put the olive oil in a deep frying pan.
  8. Add the sausages and brown over medium-high heat, turning frequently.
  9. Add 1/2 cup to 1 cup wine.
  10. After sausages begin browning, puncture the skins three or four times on two sides so that the fat runs out during cooking.
  11. When the sausages are browned, add shallots, pepper and the remainder of wine.
  12. Add garlic to taste.
  13. Reduce heat to medium low.
  14. Frequently stir with a wooden spoon until wine is reduced to half.
  15. Serve in a shallow soup bowl garnished with parsley.

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