Sausage Stuffing

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Total Time
20 mins
40 mins

This recipe is from my MIL, Joyce. Good stuff!

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  1. Brown sausage, remove from pan.
  2. Add butter to pan drippings and saute celery and onion till soft.
  3. Combine sausage, onion, celery, herbs, and bread cubes in a bowl and add broth till stuffing is moistened.
  4. Stuff bird or fill casserole dish (if baking in dish bake covered at 325* for 40-45 minutes).
  5. Recipe doubles well, in fact, I usually double it- we love stuffing!
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We had to modify this a little bit for our Christmas dinner since every grocery store was out of dried bread cubes, so we used 1 box of Mrs. Cubbison's mix instead. It was very good, and we'll be making this one again! Thanks!

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This was outstanding! I also replaced the shallot with onion - all I had - and used 6 slices of Italian bread, which was more than enough. The herb blend was good and did not overpower the stuffing. Thank you for a wonderful recipe.

Tried this one out this year for something different. Family really enjoyed it. I used Jimmy Deans hot sausage. The only thing I added was chopped mushrooms. Will make this again. Thanks!