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I guess I miss read the recipe. I didn't even debone the chicken. Because I knew the bones were in there, I discounted the cooking time and cooked for 2 hours. I cut a slit in the top of the thigh along the bone and made a pocket and stuffed a handful size bit of stuffing in there. I also removed the skin completely. The family LOVED this recipe. I couldn't even eat a whole leg myself because it was so rich. Now, next time, I'll buy boneless, skinless chicken leg meat and roll it around the stuffing and tie with string. I may have to pound it thin or cut pockets in it and stuff as is.. Still thinking how I can use this recipe. THANKS!

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Dessert Dawn February 27, 2015

Ok...so I HATE de-boning chicken, so I cheated and left the skin on and stuffed the sausage under the skin. The stuffing was really delicious. Next time I will season the chicken under the skin before stuffing it.

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ElizabethKnicely March 21, 2013
Sausage Stuffed Chicken Leg Quarters