Sausage Sandwich (Italian Style)

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 35 mins

This is an authentic style Italian sausage sandwich, just like what you would have in Philadelphia or New York.

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  1. Poach raw sausages in 1/2 cup water in a covered skillet, simmering until almost done.
  2. This takes about 8 to 10 minutes.
  3. Sautè onions and peppers with olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano 4 minutes on medium-high heat.
  4. Add the wine, cover and cook 4 minutes more.
  5. Uncover and cook until moisture is absorbed.
  6. On either a grill or in a skillet with a little extra-virgin olive oil, cook the poached sausages over medium-high heat 7 to 10 minutes, turning often to ensure even browning.
  7. In a large baking dish or pan, place the opened rolls.
  8. Fill the rolls with 1 sausage in each roll and evenly distribute the onions and peppers.
  9. Mix the 3 shredded cheeses and evenly sprinkle that on top.
  10. Place in oven, uncovered, on 400°F or until the cheese is melted.
  11. Remove from oven, top with some Marinara sauce, close the sandwiches and serve.
  12. NOTE: See my recipe for Marinara Sauce #84217.


Most Helpful

Absolutely wonderful, made as suggested.

frenny1 March 15, 2014

Alan, we really enjoyed these Sausage Sandwiches. I grilled the sausages and used the red wine option for the pepper and onions. Delicious! Thank you for posting this recipe.

JOY1998 August 28, 2010

Just fabulous! I liked it MUCH better without the addition of the marinara. To be fair to the poster of this recipe, I did not use his recipe for marinara...but nonetheless I had the best hot italian sausage and the addition of the peppers, cheese and hoagie rolls was all it truly needed to be THE perfect sandwich! I also did not use the provolone...I meant to, but forgot to buy it. No matter...was perfect with the mozzarella/parmesan combo. I also used closer to 1/2 cup of dry cab because the temp on my fry pan was so hot when I added it, that it ate up every bit of liquid from the I added more and drank some more! ;) My husband and I arm-wrestled over the leftovers...I lost. Excellent! Will make again and again....without marinara.

RedVinoGirl August 25, 2008

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