Sausage Rolls - Cheese Pufs

Total Time
1hr 30mins
Prep 50 mins
Cook 40 mins

Those are called "tiropitakia kourou" in Greek. My mother used to made these in every party that we had as kids. Growing up we made these for our picnic's and other trips by car or boat! Also they can be kept in the freezer and bake them later. The dough is the best part and it can be filled with almost everything that you like ham, bacon, cheese, minced beef, peppers...!


  1. For the dough.
  2. Mix the margarine, the flour and the sour cream. Knead the dough for 4 minutes.
  3. Roll the dough into a big circle and cut into small ones, by using a mug. Continue until all the dough is finished.
  4. Fill half of the little circles with sausages and the others with cheese.
  5. For the ham rolls, place one sausage at the middle of the circle and pinch the edges.
  6. For the cheese filling. Mix the egg with the feta cheese and a little pepper. This should be done at the last minute before filling or else it gets "soggy". Put into the circles one spoon of the filling and pinch the edges.
  7. Bake in preheated oven at 350°F for 40 minutes until done.


Most Helpful

EXCELLENT!!! I made these for an after school snack for my kids and they LOVED them!!! I got about 40 pieces. I made using feta mixture and lil' hot dogs. Since I didn't have Self-rising Flour on hand, I added 3 TSP Baking Powder and 1 TSP Salt to Flour and worked perfectly!. I used a 2 inch diameter cup to cut out dough... One thing to make sure~~Don't overstuff as filling will spillout! I cannot stress this enough! Only change I did was beat an egg at end and brushed on for a shiney finish and sealed WELL pinching along sides. I baked at 350 degrees F for approx.30-40 minutes MAX. KATIA THANKS FOR A GREAT RECOMMENDATION !!!

iLuv2cook 2 March 28, 2006

Well, I just have to agree with the other reviewers: this recipe is simply outstanding!! Love, love, love the pastry! Made 35 rolls with three different fillings: feta&spinach, feta, and chopped ham. Mixed all with a bit of beaten egg and some black pepper. Yumm... Took iLuv2cook2's hint and brushed with egg for a glossy finish. Excellent recipe, thank you katia!

stormylee October 27, 2006

What a delicious snack or appetizer! I made these for Pick a Chef 2006, but had been totally won over to this recipe – and keen to try it – initially after seeing iLuv2cook2’s photograph, then also after reading the recipe and the reviews. The sour cream in the pastry made it so superbly flavoursome, so 5 stars plus just for the pastry, katia! On this occasion, I filled all of my Cheese Pufs with feta cheese with some minced garlic, spinach and a small handful of pine nuts. They were elegant and SO delicious. Next time I’ll try some with sausage filling. To those trying this recipe, truly any of your favourite fillings would be just wonderful in this delicious pastry. The ones I made were yummy both warm and at room temperature. I’m really pleased to see that you have joined the 2006 Zaar World Tour, katia, so I can try some more of your great recipes!

bluemoon downunder May 24, 2006

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