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I absolutely LOVE sausage rolls, but I hate buying them at the deli because they are rather expensive (and I honestly had no idea what goes into them) and I was certain I could make my own on the cheap that were just as delicious. This recipe is great! It's very easy, the results are outstanding (deli quality) and it is nice to be able to control the ingredients in your sausage rolls. I used mild italian sausage (will try beef and pork sausage next to see what I like best) and made full size rolls instead of cutting into 4, to serve for lunch or dinner. But I will cut these into 4 the next time I make as an appetizer dish. My BF was very impressed too and put a couple in his lunch bag for snacks on the ski hill. They refrigerate and freeze extremely well and are just as tasty straight out of the fridge for an afternoon snack. I would make these every day if I could - thanks for the recipe!

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M.Dot March 20, 2011

I made these today as one of the appetizers for our Thanksgiving get-together on Thursday. Because they looked so good, I had to have one roll between my husband and I with a glass of wine and these are wonderful! Very simple to make. I followed the recipe except I added some minced garlic. I know they will be a hit with our group. I put the two pans in the oven at 200 degrees C preheated but it took about 35-40 minutes to fully brown nicely with my oven. But, I did not cut these into 4 pieces. Next time I'll try that. Thank you so much for posting this yummy recipe.

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Rinshinomori November 26, 2008

These plump tasty morsels are wonderful, they were enjoyed by all who tried them. My neighbors couldn't believe I made them. For the filling I followed your directions and used hot italian sausage, italian breadcrumbs, dried spices, bourbon bbq sauce, spicy tomato sauce, sweet onions and baby carrots. I rolled them up like cinnamon rolls. The rolls puffed up beautifully, they were flavorful, crisp, light, tender and crunchy. I loved the flavors and textures in this new family favourite. Thanks so much for sharing.

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Baby Kato November 16, 2008

No wonder these are so popular at the markets. They are delicious and so easy to make (don't tell the market-goers). I doubled the recipe -- to feed a horde of hungry exchange students -- but still used only 6 sheets of puff pastry. Each roll was nicely plump. I'll make these often. It's wonderful to know what's gone into a sausage roll.

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Leggy Peggy September 07, 2008
Sausage Rolls