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I put this recipe in too small a pan and it bubbled and spilled all over my oven, making a horrible mess -- all entirely my fault -- but you know what? I don't care a bit because it was the tastiest recipe I have had in ages!! Meat and two veg all covered in a creamy, garlicky sauce and baked until golden brown. How you could call that anything less than incredibly yummy I do not know. I also like to call it delicious, mouthwatering, scrumptious, irresistable and definitely a comfort food. My only recommendation? Make sure you use the right sized pan :-)

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Sackville October 09, 2002

My family and I devoured your lasagna. I can't remember when I have seen them go at their dinner with so much enjoyment. WOW, my compliments to you. The layers of vegetables with the cream sauce and cheese were incredibly rich and delicious. I agree with what some of the others have said about the Italian sausage providing awesome flavor, too. It wasn't all that hard to put together either. I can add this to our growing list of favorite recipes from Nurse Di. Thanks.

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Jenna Naquin March 07, 2003

This lasagna is the BEST. Total comfort food for my and my husband. The potatoes were so tender and we thought the Italian sausage gave this excellent flavor. The mushrooms and spinach and cheese make this extraordinary and scrumptious. Thanks Nurse Di. for a fabulous dish.

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Natalie Z January 27, 2003

Yum, yum, yummers!!! This is so rich, so creamy, so incredibly delicious. The Italian sausage gives a very distinct flavor. The veggies and cream sauce all go together very well. A culinary taste extravaganza!! This one goes down in my best of the best category. Thanks Nurse Di. Your recipes are amazing.

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Gail Blue Eyes October 26, 2002

This needed a bit of tweaking for my taste. I added more garlic, more parmesan, doubled the sausage ,used less cottage cheese and a lot of fresh ground black pepper.

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Jangomango May 24, 2003

I liked this, but it did not have much flavor as I would have liked. I think 1/2 lb of sausage is probably the biggest problem (that is like 1 oz of meat/serving). I think the sausage and garlic should at least be doubled. It was cheesy, the spinach and potatoes were great. I would make again with the adjustment mentioned above, but I just can't give it a lot of stars.

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Gay Gilmore April 15, 2003

Thanks Gay and LLBunny for your input on ways to improve this recipe. I made the lasagna again and agree that more sausage, garlic, and parmesan make it much better. I have edited the recipe and increased the amounts for those ingredients. Your comments were very helpful.

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ratherbeswimmin' July 02, 2003

There is nothing truely 'wrong" with this recipe, I guess I thought it would taste different given ingredients, we (us and two guests) found it quite bland, though i used Chorizo sausage and added cajun seasoning to the potatoes, we felt it needed more sausage and more flavour, also more white sause as the recipe really soaks it up when cooking, nobody thought it was gross though, but no one went for seconds.

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kel-Cie T March 29, 2008

This recipe was OK, it was a lot of work, so I'm not sure if we will try it again or not. In my opinion the recipe was not written in a way that good results are predictable. For instance "4 medium potatoes" is a very subjective thing. We used what I would consider to be 4 medium potatoes, that we sliced with a mandolin. We did not even use all of the potatoes we had, and the 7 X 11 dish was overflowing. I think I would rather see how many cups of sliced potatoes, or how many pounds of potatoes... Also, because we had so many potatoes in the dish, many bites were just unsalted, unseasoned potatoes with nothing else in the spoonful. I would also prefer to have a measurement for the butter, salt and pepper. I have never made a white sauce type recipe that didn't tell you how much butter you need. And when I read "salt and pepper" I assume a shaking of each. I don't think I used enough when I made this casserole. That being said, when I was fortunate enough to have a bite that had a little of everything in it, it was tasty. I just did not have many bites that had everything in it.

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Glassylady February 24, 2008

This was a bit time consuming, as any lasagna is. I used hot Italian turkey sausage and used a mandolin to slice the potatoes thin and only boiled them a few minutes (afraid they would over cook and fall apart). Well, I guess I didn’t cook them long enough because they where bit crunchy after I baked it. Also it was a bit watery on the bottom, thought I drained everything well. The lasagna was better the next day after I reheated it for another 35 minutes covered.

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Doc's Mom February 06, 2008
Sausage Potato Lasagna