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I was so concentrating on finding chicken sausage that I forgot the peapods, for which I am deeply sorry. I also overlooked the fact that the recipe calls for brown rice, a good and healthy alternative, I had already chosen a vegetable pilaf to accompany this dish and not having brown rice anyway, stuck with that. All that said, this was excellent -- I chose to use some zucchini instead of the peapods, and the aforementioned pilaf. This is way of using sausage that would never have occurred to me, we loved it!!!!!!!! This is a moderate curry which could easily be made more spicy to taste, but personally I felt the level of heat just right, allowing the chicken sausage to be tasted and wow, so tasty! Thank you rpgaymer, I made and enjoyed this dish for My 3 Chefs 2013

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Karen Elizabeth October 14, 2013
Sausage & Madras Curry Veggies