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These are by FAR the best crepes that I have ever tasted! I made a very large batch for a brunch that I was hosting and ended up freezing several dozen which kept for months. I was concerned about adding velvet a cheese into the mixture because of the strong taste but the end result was a moist mixture with smooth consistency. 2 crepes per person was more than enough because the combination of the crepes with the sauce is very rich. Do yourself a favor and make extra crepes to freeze. Once thawed, they can be easily microwaved and will retain the original moisture and flavor. Don't bother to save the sauce as you can make the sauce fresh each time in minutes. This is a simple recipe that will impress everyone.

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Luney2ns December 23, 2012

YUMMY!! My neighbor growing up used to make this for neighborhood brunches. The sausage filling had 1/2 lb finely chopped mushrooms and only 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese but other than that the recipe is identical. You can freeze the stuffed crepes.

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FLKeysJen February 22, 2007
Sausage Crepes