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I don't want to rate these with stars as I changed the recipe. (I don't think it's fair to change a recipe and then lower the rating). My sausage balls turned out quite dry and I'm pretty sure it's because I used the Jimmy Dean low-fat sausage. I just wanted to post in case someone wants to do it low fat - don't. It will end up dry and not so good. Looks like others had a great outcome and that's how the recipe should be!

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Pam-I-Am November 08, 2009

The guys in my family love these. Every time I make them, they disappear before they have even have time to cool off.

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princess.and.the.pea October 12, 2009

My mama makes these for every holiday get together and they are the first things to disappear. Delicious!

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buddah82 May 11, 2007

These are/were so good! I made a batch for breakfast...skipped the dip part this a.m. (no time--the boys had to get going to school), but will make it the next time....and there WILL be a next time--YUM! I started off with a pound of venison sausage (our home-made stuff) which is very mild/bland. I subbed in 3 cups of Monterey Jack (was out of Cheddar), because I thought 4 cups of cheese just sounded like waaaay too much. I also added 1 egg after reading that they don't stick together---just thought it would help with stick-ability! And it did! Next time, I'll add some sage or oregano or crushed fennel to the mix, as well as more pepper and some salt. I divvied out the leftovers (actually they were "planned overs") into zipper bags, so we'll be able to pop them in the microwave or warm them in the side of the frying pan for another meal. Robyn, you have an excellent recipe here...one I am sure we'll use MANY times (gotta have some way to use up all the venison sausage in the freezer!).... *Made for PAC Spring 2007*

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Debber May 07, 2007

Fabulous recipe and we enjoyed the dip too! I used 2 cup cheddar cheese and 1 cup Mozzeralla cheese in the sausage ball mixture. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Its one I will make again and again.

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Marsha D. December 25, 2006
Sausage Balls Recipe Courtesy Paula Deen