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the pie crust is great . but do be careful it does tear easily the recipe itself is spot on .the recipe is sweet

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Dienia B. October 06, 2011

Delicious! Now for the details. The recipe for the crust was confusing in that the amount of butter wasn't given. I ended up using 1/3 cup butter and about 2 - 3 Tb. peanut oil. (I added the latter after looking at another cheese pastry crust and after seeing that it wouldn't hold together without it.) It turned out a little tough, but the flavor was excellent. As for the filling, I had a problem in that I didn't have enough apples. I ended up having 2 small apples and 1 med-lg asian pear-apple. I used those, only half the brown sugar and 3/4 cup chicken broth instead of apple cider/juice. I just didn't want a very sweet pie. The filling was a little loose-meat-like, but really delicious. The amount of sweetness was exactly what I wanted. I made my own sausage by using ground pork and a recipe here on food.com. I cooked it the night before; I used alot of paper towels to make sure as much fat as possible was removed. The next day, when the sausage was combined with the apples, the coldness of the sausage lowered the heat in the apples so that it didn't take it long to get to room temp. It's important to get hot fillings to room temp, otherwise, the dough won't turn out correctly. I didn't have to spray with oil. Both DH and I really loved this pie.

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Debbie R. October 05, 2013
Sausage and Apple Pie in a Cheddar Crust