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Recipe by BarbaraK


Top Review by HalFinn Finn

With sauerkraut, the salt prevents the growth of undesireable bacteria. The bacteria native to the cabbage is tolerant of the particular salt level used. This bacteria "eats" the sugars present in the cabbage and turns them into lactic acid. The lactic acid is what does the pickling and gives the sauerkraut its "sauer".


  1. Pack shredded cabbage in to 1 quart canning jars.
  2. Add 2 teaspoons canning salt (NOT table salt).
  3. Pour boiling water over cabbage to about 1" from top.
  4. Cap loosely and store in a cool dark place for 2 weeks.
  5. Boil 1 pint of water and 1 Tablespoon canning salt.
  6. Refill jars of cabbage and let sit for an addition 2 weeks.
  7. Wipe down jars, refill with water, salt, screw caps on tightly. Put them in a water bath for 30 minutes.

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