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this is my favorite recipe because it is simple, fast, delicious, reliable - i've been making it for years. the loomi are astounding, hopefully you can get them, otherwise perhaps cooking with a couple whole wedges of unpeeled lime? other than that i do the recipe differently but it is very accommodating ... i did mix up a baharat but i'm sure different variations work wonderfully, even a "curry" powder - i always use a big can of stewed tomatoes coarsley chopped, which is more than the recipe calls for, but it doesn't do any harm and it gives the fish something to cook in. i cook the sauce longer before and the fish for less time (you can even take first out a drop on the early side b/c it continues to cook in the sauce). i add some cilantro for color. but really great, and from a phenom cookbook, thanks!

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fizzzy April 14, 2012

My whole family including the children enjoyed this dish.
It was wonderful and it`s whats encouraged me to join food.com so I can access all your recipes.
We shall be trying more middle east and gulf state cooking.
A good alterative for Christmas fare.

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5catsnow! December 14, 2010
Saudi Fish Curry (Samak Quwarmah)