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Hmmm, this tasted nothing like "Stouffer's" or anything frozen at all...this in fact, was just absolutely perfect. So perfect in fact, that this is the kind of meal one dreams about when coming through the door sopping wet from the cold rain, and in need of something warm, cozy, and delicious. And more importantly, easy! I used rotini pasta, roasted garlic Cream of Mushroom soup, a red pepper, (had on hand in the icebox) and regular sliced ham from the previous nights dinner. I chopped this up into nice squares. Added the rest ingredients, popped in my toaster oven, and waited for a bit. Topped off with more cheese and a bit of green onion. Oh come to "Mama"! This is was just oh so perfect! Made for *Everyday is a Holiday* Novembre 2009

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm November 30, 2009

Err... Thought this one had all the makings of a kid favorite. However, when it was served, it tasted more like a frozen Stouffer's Lasagna. Not one I will make again but if you like that type of dish then it could work for you.

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jenasmiles July 16, 2009
Saucy Twist Pork Dish