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This sauce was not difficult to make but added a professional taste & presentation to this dish. I just loved this & found it was a step up from the usual duck with orange sauce. I had a lot of leftover sauce & have used it on several cold meat dishes & tastes just a delicious. I feel privileged to have found this recipe... Many thanks Zurie

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Elkaybee November 27, 2011

This sauce was outstanding on the roasted duck I made last night! It was just sweet enough without tasting like it should be dessert instead of dinner. It has a beautiful glossy texture, and is just thick enough to coat the meat. We also decided that this would be wonderful with pork, and since I have plenty left, I may experiment with that tonight. I had to make a few substitutions, but I think that they are still true to the recipe. I used frozen cherries, as there were only tart cherries in cans at my grocery. The port in my cupboard was ruby, rather than tawny, and was slightly sweeter than I was looking for, but some extra lemon juice at the end took care of that. I only had whole cloves, so I tossed 4 of them in while the sauce simmered, then fished them out before thickening the sauce. Overall, this was wonderful, and I'll definitely make again. Thanks, Zurie, for helping me make a lovely dinner!

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IngridH April 18, 2010
Sauce for Duck and Ham : Black Cherry, Port & Redcurrant Jel