Sassy Wine Spritzer for the Holidays

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Holidays are the time to enjoy and have some fun. We came up with this at the last second just having some fun.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 12 cup ice cube
  • 6 -8 ounces white wine (your favorite) or 6 -8 ounces blush wine (your favorite)
  • maraschino cherry, and juice
  • 6 -8 ounces carbonated lemon-lime beverage


  1. in blender, chop up ice (if you already have crushed ice you can skip this step).
  2. put into pitcher.
  3. add in wine, soda, and 3-4 cherries and 2 tsp juice.
  4. stir gently.
  5. pour into your favorite wine or beverage glass (martini or marguerita glasses look great with this).
  6. dress with a wedge of lime or lemon and a cherry.
  7. CHEERS.
Most Helpful

This was a wonderful cocktail. I really enjoyed it. I used the last bit of a dry white wine we didn't drink during dinner, and I made a few of these Spritzers for a sort of nightcap, which we enjoyed while watching TV. Thanks for posting, Chef1Mom. Made for ZWT5.

NorthwestGal June 04, 2009

If you like sweet wine, you will love this drink. I scaled it back to 2 drinks and used an off-brand lemon-lime soda, so that may have impacted it's sweetness. This would make a lovely drink for a sophisticated brunch; or for a holiday as the name suggests.

Cook4_6 March 28, 2008

This is great! I made a smaller version for just myself and so I had to sorta play with the amounts a bit. I like the idea of adding a lemon lime carbonated beverage to wine to give it that spritzer feel, and the cherries were a great addition though I had to add more juice to give it more flavor. Very simple and something I will be trying again. I also added a splash of grenadine at the end and that really boosted the flavor and made it a tad more sweet!

CulinaryExplorer March 09, 2008

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