Sardine Pate As I Like It!

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is very simple meal I used to eat during my student time. A loaf of bread, bottle of wine and few knives and we were happy and fed.

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  1. Open the sardine can and remove all oil (into the sink).
  2. Put sardines out and squash them with fork. Squash them well.
  3. Cook egg hard. Cut whole egg into small pieces and put it into sardines.
  4. Finely mince onion and garlic and put it into sardines.
  5. Finely mince capers and add into sardines.
  6. Add whole package of mayonnaise and lemon juice into sardines. Mix well. Cool it. Eat it.
Most Helpful

Really liked it, but I like sardines plain in all the sauces they come in. Used raw onion, half of one, and some celery for crunch. Pinot Griggio, and, white pepper, along with some fish sauce and for crackers, cracked pepper water crackers. Zesty and lively. Very nice.

Chef Valbowski February 21, 2016

I just made this (after saving it in a cookbook when it was first posted) I'm in love-this takes the very humble sardine and turns it into a delicacy. Husband Russ is out fishing and I'm sorely tempted to eat it before he gets back and never tell him. Thanks for posting

JustJanS August 22, 2012

Delicious with crusty rye bread! A friend and I took your advice and enjoyed it with a bottle of wine. My fiance and I, both poor graduate students, will have this often once we are married, I'm sure. The wine made all the difference, letting us sit, enjoy, and talk in a more relaxed way than we would have with just some water. Great recipe! Thank you.

chayamushka June 06, 2011