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Nice combination of sweet potato, onion and ginger. Butter adds a creamy and rich flavor. Chicken stock rounds out the mix, but vegetable broth, margarine and soy milk(if necessary) would be a nice change for a vegetarian option. I did not like step 7 where I had to add the potatoes, broth and seasonings back to the pan only to be taken right back out to the blender. Next time, I will deglaze the pan with the broth then add the onion and broth mixture to the blender with the potatoes and spices. Seems like it saves some mess in the pan that way. Also, I did not have to add any milk to my mixture to get a nice puree as the broth was plenty. But, a nice puree that my toddler especially enjoyed. Thank you!

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rsarahl November 14, 2003
Saratoga Sweet Potato & Ginger Puree