Sarasota's Shrimp Toast

READY IN: 35mins
Recipe by SarasotaCook

This is a great appetizer, but this is also amazing as a side to a bowl of hearty tomato soup or even or broccoli zucchini soup. Or even try a salad with fresh roasted vegetables. This makes a wonderful side to a great garden dinner. Dinner to me doesn't always have to be meat and potatoes. These are filling and added to a great fresh soup is a wonderful pairing. This is sort of a old classic, but it still really good. Now I DON'T use white bread. I use a nice baguette and fresh ingredients to make it stand out. Also ... this isn't the kind you get in the Chinese or Asian restaurants, however it does have water chestnuts. But to me being baked and golden brown it has a whole different flavor. Give it a try.

Top Review by mickeydownunder

This recipe is different and REALLY great!
HOW it J-U-M-P-E-D out at me was FATE!
Must admist, cut corners and bought pre baked baglettes, TRUE!
Today will be makign again with dark eye party rounds too!
HIGHLY would recommend....from ME!
Is a very versatile recipe! Thanks!

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  1. Bread -- just brush with melted butter and bake at 375 until golden brown, flip to make sure both sides are golden. Just a few minutes per side is all it takes.
  2. Shrimp -- add the shrimp to the food processor but make sure they are not wet. Slightly puree, for just a few seconds and then add the egg white, cream, salt and pepper.
  3. Transfer to a bowl and add the water chestnuts, ginger, scallions, salt, pepper and parsley.
  4. Time to make the toast -- On the very nicely toasted baguettes, spread a teaspoon or 2 of the shrimp mix on top. Top with the egg yolk mixed with the water, just to give it a nice topping (or a light glaze) as it bakes.
  5. Bake at 350F for 10-12 minutes on a lined cookie sheet either with foil or parchment. Just make sure the shrimp topping is heated through.

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