Sarasota's Sesame Grilled Chicken Thighs

READY IN: 24hrs 20mins
Recipe by SarasotaCook

This is such a simple marinade and great using inexpensive chicken thighs which are simply grilled. You could easily serve this for a dinner party or even every day. I love this served with an edamame salad or a simple green salad with a sesame dressing to combine all the flavors. I love some easy grilled vegetables with this to make just a light dinner. If you want some brown rice with, water chestnuts, scallions and a little soy would draw all the flavors in too. Put the chicken in the marinade which takes 2 minutes to make, shake up the baggie and then 8 hours later ... grill. Even a indoor grill pan will work for this.

Top Review by Meredith C-ville

Very tasty and very very easy and quick: five minutes in the morning to start the marinating and then just a quick grill. I served this with brown rice (rice cooker) and steamed asparagus, and I poured my extra sauce over these, with a sprinkle of the toasted seeds, and then put the chicken on top. I also toasted a few almonds to add because they are so good. I omitted the veg oil and parsley from the marinade, and also just used regular white vinegar because it was all I had; it all still tasted great. And, to repeat myself, the effort was minimal. Plus, as I made it, the marinade uses things that I have in the house all the time, so it doesn't even take much planning. Thanks!

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  1. Marinade -- Mix everything except the sesame seeds in a measuring cup. Pour 1/2 or a bit more into the baggie and save the remaining amount to use as a glaze as the chicken grills. Put the marinade in a baggie and then add the chicken. Toss to coat well and just let it go. 4-8 hours is idea. I prefer 8, but even 1 or 2 will give it some good flavor. This will also work with bone in thighs as well, and for that matter, pretty much any cut of chicken, but I just love the dark meat of the thighs for this.
  2. Grill -- Just grill the the chicken on medium high heat to get good grill marks but don't let it flare up. I like to use the marinade to baste a few times as the chicken grills.
  3. Sesame seeds -- as the chicken grills, add the seeds to a small dry skillet and just cook 1-2 to minutes to lightly toast. That is all you need. Now, I put them in a small bowl so I can coat the chicken with them.
  4. Finishing the chicken -- The last minute, brush lightly with the marinade flip once and then remove from the grill. Just using tongs. I lightly dip the top of the thighs into the toasted sesame seeds. Not too heavy, just a light topping. And they are done.

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