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I've been wanting to make this recipe for months and months, but held off, waiting for the 1st of Summer's Fresh tomatoes. I'm SO glad that I waited! This recipe took 15 minutes exactly and was a HUGE hit with my family! I'm embarrassed to admit that I loved the remaining sauce so much, I was dipping my roasted chicken into it. LOL I also believe that this recipe would be STUNNING used on fresh gyros; I'm going to put that to the test next week. Simple. Flavourful. Extremely easy to put together. And if you grow your own tomatoes and cucumbers, the cost to make this would be pennies per serving. I used a micro processor to process the shallot, garlic clove and dill. When finally minced, I added the yogurt (greek-style), sugar and s & p. Blended it for a minute, let it sit while I cored and processed the tomatoes and cucumber. Tossed it in a large bowl and served in individual sauce dishes. Yet another reason why SarasotaCook is my favourite chef at Zaar: her recipes use common ingredients but the flavours explode in your mouth and create happy dining memories. A real keeper of a recipe!

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The_Swedish_Chef June 27, 2010

I served this as a side with our Mother's Day dinner. It was very well received! I loved the fresh taste, crispness of the cucumbers and the lovely scent and taste of the dill. It was healthy, too!

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LifeIsGood May 10, 2010

Shopping for ingred to make this (in groc store) and I saw a new prod. OPA by LItehouse in the produce area. It's a greek yogurt feta dill dressing that may suffice in a rush to make this dish. I don't like choosing processed foods over natural ingredients like yours, but is a quick option for those looking for an even shorter cut.

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Bev B. July 09, 2015

This salad is very fresh and light, just what I wanted to balance out a meal of grilled barbecue pork ribs. I do like more tang in my dressing, so I prefer to add a little vinegar or lemon juice. Very good!

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chives35 April 30, 2014

I used fresh heirloom ugly ripe tomatoes and a tasty cucumber. Followed directions to a T. Made the dressing portion about 9 hours before serving, so it had plenty of time for the flavors to come together, however the final salad was kind of bland in my opinion. All I could taste was the yogurt. Served it to 5 adults and no one finished the serving on their plate. I have had these types of salads before and enjoyed them though. Thanks for posting.

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JanuaryBride October 26, 2010
Sarasota's Cucumber Tomato Salad in a Creamy Dill Sauce