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This was a nice change of pace from the typical burger. I made this exactly as posted, but didn't really care for the rolled oats. I think next time I would just use plain ground beef. The ingredients for the sauce made a very flavorful addition to the burger, sort of like barbecue sauce, but better. I used a smoked gouda for the cheese, which was nice. I especially appreciated the cooking method, as I tend to overcook things on the grill and this solved that problem! Thanks for sharing.

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JackieOhNo! January 18, 2012

The glaze was great! Though the texture of the burger was too dry and 'meally'(not sure if that is an actual word :)). I do believe I used the incorrect rolled oats, I used the type found by the flour in supermarkets-not the one in the cereal aisle (quick or old fashioned). Mine were actually labled 'rolled oats-extra thick'. But overall I would still say this was a good burger because of the sweet glaze. Thanks!

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lets.eat March 10, 2006
Sarah's Famous Burgers