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I followed this recipe to a T. I hate to say it, but it's a big failure.<br/>After two hours total cook time in the oven, the custard still hasn't set, and it is quite tart - too tart to really be enjoyably eaten just on its own.<br/>Perhaps it would have set if thickened cream were used, or if the custard had been precooked a bit on the stove before pouring over the base.<br/>In the way of flavour, it needs something to cut through the acidity of the lemon in my opinion. It's got a lovely and rich, intense buttery-lemon tartness to it, and the coconut is a nice touch, but could really do with some meringue or light cream - something sweet and light to balance the flavour.

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ibnetweasel March 17, 2013

I found quite a few flaws in this recipe, sadly. The bars had to cook for almost three hours before they were not so jiggly, so the crust was hard as a rock. Even with the parchment paper they were difficult to get out of the pan. Sorry, Sarah!

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pammyowl November 19, 2012
Sarah's Creamy Custard Lemon Bars