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Prep 2 mins
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This wonderful cocktail comes from Santorini, Greece, which some believe was the center of Atlantis. This martini (of sorts), will have you feeling like your on a sandy beach with blue skies, Your looking out over clear blue waters admiring your sailboat while your whitewashed villa is just behind you. Ok, you can dream, right? A must try cocktail. Make a larger amount for ladies night. Fun Facts: Santorini is a small, circular cluster of volcanic islands located in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200 km southeast from Greece's mainland. It is also known as Thira, forming the southernmost member of the Cyclades group of islands, with an area of approximately 28 square miles and a 2001 census population of 13,670. Santorini is essentially what remains of an enormous volcanic explosion, destroying the earliest settlements on what was formerly a single island, and leading to the creation of the current geological caldera. Santorini was united with Greece in 1912. Its spectacular physical beauty, along with a dynamic nightlife, have made the island one of Europe's tourist hotspots.

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  1. To a martini shaker filled with ice, add all ingredients except champagne.
  2. Shake well and strain into martini glass.
  3. Top with Champagne and serve.
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Lite and lovely for my Ladies who lunch gatherin

GingerlyJ September 18, 2009

This was a very tasty cocktail. I really enjoyed it. The pear nectar and peach brandy really flavored the drink with a wonderfully fruity taste, though I was suprised to find that it wasn't all that sweet.

NorthwestGal October 15, 2008