Recipe by Galley Wench

While in Mexico this past winter I was introduced to Sangrita ("little blood ), a spicy, non-alcoholic Mexican drink served as a chaser (co-sip) with tequila. The traditional method is to alternate sips of tequila with sangrita, but it is sometimes mixed with the tequila and served in a single glass. A tequila-and-sangrita serving is called a 'completo'. There are several recipes on RZ for Sangrita, but this is the way I was taught to make it. This is one of those concoctions that you mix to your taste, so add the spices a little at a time.") Serve over ice.

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  1. Shake/blend ingredients together.
  2. Strain into a pitcher and chill.
  3. Serve over ice along side a shot of GOOD tequila.

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