Sandwich Loaf

READY IN: 30mins
Recipe by Lorac

A festive way to serve party sandwiches. For baby and bridal showers, I add a bit of food coloring to match the theme and garnish the serving platter with fresh flowers. If you are making 2 loaves you can use one white and one wheat loaf and alternate the slices. The loaf can be made ahead of time. Posted by request.

Top Review by Chicagoland Chef du

Even though it's been years since I have made this, I feel the need to rate it! The trick is to thin the cream cheese, but not too much and do NOT frost the loaf too early on. It may get cracks in it cuz it dries out and I suppose some of the moisture goes into the bread. If you do get some cracking, it can easily be repaired before serving. You can also have the bakery dye the loaf(s) any color you like and have them slice it horizontally for you. I made 3 loaves, pink, green & yellow and alternated the colored layers of bread w/ the fillings. So FUN! Each loaf had all the colors and fillings.*chicken salad, egg salad, ham salad, shrimp salad. Thanks for posting Lorac.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 loaf firm bread, unsliced
  • softened butter
  • 3 cups deviled ham or 3 cups cooked chicken or 3 cups tuna or 3 cups shrimp or 3 cups eggs, salad (finely chop ingredients)
  • 12 lb cream cheese, softened
  • mayonnaise or cream
  • food coloring (optional)


  1. Remove the bread crusts and slice the loaf lengthwise into 4 slices.
  2. Butter 2 slices on 1 side for the top and bottom, butter the 2 remaining slices on both sides.
  3. Spread a layer of salad (you can use the same or different salads) on the bottom slice, add another slice then salad, repeat and top with the last slice butter side down.
  4. Press down on the loaf just enough to compact the layers.
  5. Combine cream cheese with enough mayonnaise or cream to make it spreadable, add food coloring.
  6. "Frost"the top and sides of the loaf, garnish and chill.
  7. To serve, cut into 1/2 inch slices.

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