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Brings back memories of PA and my grandmother. We made these every year for Christmas but used cookie cutters. I like the idea of cutting them as to not have to re-roll them! That is the worst part, the rolling, LOL. We also used walnuts in lieu of pecans, guess it's up to you which nuts you prefer. As a note these are also tasty with traditional sprinkles, etc used on holiday cookies. We still always use the egg wash no matter the topping. :)

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Heather N. November 28, 2010

These were a lovely simple cookie, and a nice complement to add to my holiday trays. And yes, the cinnamon sugar glaze created with the egg white wash really makes the cookie. I cut mine into small diamonds and used pecan halves on one batch and chopped hazelnuts on another. Though I am a big fan of cookies right from the oven, these were much better when fully cooled, and even better the next day. Once cooled, the cookie is more buttery, crispy and flaky. Thanks Parsley.

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justcallmetoni December 13, 2006