Sandshaker Bushwacker

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5 mins
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The Sandshaker was a legend on Pensacola Beach, and it's signature drink started a festival there on the island. The government closed the bar and auctioned it off, but the drink remains a legend, and the festival lives on...complete with live music from vintage bands. I got this recipe from the bartender at the Sandshaker after they closed. Yum!!

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  1. Pour all ingredients except the 151 Rum into a blender. Add two cups of ice, and blend until mixed.
  2. Top each glass with 1 oz 151.
  3. Serve.
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Wow this tastes just like the ones at the sandshaker... Best Bushwacker ever!!!! Thanks this is a keeper

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Ilove recipes that have nistory behind them like this one.. I loved teh creamy coconut taste!

This is awesome! I didn't have white creme de cacao or cream of coconut, substituted malibu pina coloda mix, and whole milk for half and half, and used no sugar ice cream. I cannot tell you how good they were.