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I worked in a Sander's Restaurant in Ann Arbor, Mi growing up. The trick to this frosting is to beat it for at least 10 min and to add the extra xxx sugar to make it stiffer for the logs and get it cold. Put it in your pastry bag first and set in the fridge till it gets stiff. Yes piping them on is the best way. Leave out the vanilla if its too sweet for you. This is not the frosting that was put on the regular cakes, it was the butter, crisco, milk, vanilla one. Some people add a beaten egg white. Also, warm the milk and the sugar in the micro about 30 sec. Just lukewarm; enough to melt the sugar and beat it in to the butter/crisco mixture. Don't overheat the milk or it won't come together and it will not work in a HOT kitchen or hot day. Cocoa goes in to the warm mixture. Do not boil the buttermilk with the sugar mixture;add it with the rest.

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moms alternate endings February 23, 2009

I made this cake and I really took my time with it. I made the cake one day and put it in the freezer then finished it the following day. I really didn't have that many problems with it, but I would like to say that I followed carefully the tips left by moms alternate endings! Thank you! It would have been helpful to have a picture to see what this was supposed to look like, so I will post my pic here for others. Another thing I discovered is that you will want to leave the cake IN the pan to put your fudge frosting on! I Took mine out of the pan and had fudge running everywhere! :)

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momof4kkss October 15, 2011

Taste was good, but appearance left something to be desired. Didn't have much luck with the fudge frosting. Like other reviewers mine firmed too soon, and also melted the buttercream, even though I had left it to firm in the freezer for almost an hour. The Sanders' is my Mom's favorite, I wish I would have been able to more accurately reproduce it for her birthday! Probably mostly due to my lack of candy making skills though.

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elizabeth December 11, 2009

After baking and freezing the cake part the day before, my husband and I finished making this cake today. I can't imagine where someone says this only takes 20 minutes prep time. 1. Be sure to use a big mixer...we did it with a hand mixer, which made the job harder. 2. The buttercream recipe made a lot more than we needed. Even with huge "bumps" on the cake, I ended up freezing a container of the buttercream. I did add an extra 1/2 cup powdered sugar at the end and had no trouble forming the bumps, not by rolling them, but by placing hunks of the frosting in a line cross-wise on the cake, about an inch apart and then shaping it into five bumps. 3. We had the most trouble with the fudge frosting..not having a candy thermometer. What we thought was the "soft ball" stage, apparently was a little past it and the fudge frosting was grainy and not pourable. We took it off the stove, added some regular milk and beat it gently until it became pouring consistency. (don't beat too much or it will become fluffy. This worked just fine and set up great. It was a lot of work, but definitely worth it. It is very, very rich...so I cut the cake into 5 sections, each with a bump and froze 4 sections. We are now enjoying the first section with thin slices and getting a Sanders "fix".

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domcclry February 27, 2009

Wow - I had such good reviews from my husband and family. There were so surprise at how the cake looked and tasted like Sander's bumpy cake. Yes, was a bit messy but fun too. I look forward to practicing making this cake. (When to put the cocoa in? During the making of the chocoloate frosting, needs to cook, so I put it in while on the stove cooking.)

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billie_m_diel January 26, 2009

I agree with Chef #593724 This recipe IS a mess! I made this one and found the same mistakes in it that Chef did. The cake portion turned out great, but the icings were another story. The buttercream refused to firm up enough to "roll into" anything. I ended up pipping the "rolls" onto the cake with a #12 tip. The fudge portion ended up firming too early and was not pourable. I tried spreading it on the cake, but that didn't work either because it was too warm and ended up melting the buttercream "rolls". It tasted great, but the appearance was disastrous.

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The Sugar Elf August 05, 2008

I was making mini cupcakes. As it happened, I needed cupcakes two weekends in a row, so had an opportunity to right my wrongs. Confession: I used a box cake mix, so I have no input on the cake recipe. I made the buttercream frosting exactly as described, and have no idea why they think you could roll it into logs, even if you want to. And you don't want to. Real bumpy cake has fluffy bumps, not logs. I piped a circle on the top of each cupcake with a #12 tip. Also, as someone else mentioned, I had way too much buttercream. For 72 minis, I used about half. The cupcakes went in the freezer while I prepared the pourable fudge. The Fudge: what a disaster. Like others mentioned, it was way too thick. I tried dipping them, pouring the fudge, letting it cool a bit more and nothing helped. It would either melt the buttercream or not conform to the shape of the bumps. So that first weekend, I gave up on bumpy cake cupcakes and put them in the freezer until the next weekend. Thank you to "moms alternate endings" for the tips, although I'm not sure I would have understood exactly what to do until after my epic failure. I just warmed the ingredients until the sugar melted--no boiling, no soft ball stage. Then added the cocoa, rest of the butter and vanilla. By this time, the cupcakes had been in the freezer for a week and were frozen solid. I found dipping them in the fudge worked very well. They have set up nicely and I'll be proud to take them to my event. Note: I didn't have way too much fudge. If you halve the buttercream recipe, don't reduced the fudge recipe.

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sewwhatinteriors June 05, 2015

This was pretty tasty. I only had issues with the frostings. The buttercream has a fairly heavy butter flavor. I can't help but think that reducing the butter by 1 stick might be the way to go next time. Regarding the fudge, it came out thick. I ended up adding more buttermilk to thin it out a bit. The reviewer who said to add buttermilk at the end was probably spot on. I would not add it during the cooking stage. And this is seriously rich. You will need a glass of milk.

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Jamie M. July 13, 2014

I also worked for Sander's while I was a Teen. My Family grew up having Sander's for every imaginable Special Occasion...and then some!!!! Believe me...the Fudge Frosting from the Bumpy cake was Not Pourable. It should be of a delectable fudge consistency! OH an the Wonderful white rolls inside...My God where pure Heaven...so light, airy and creamy!! The ice cream Toppings?....so rich and thick and you could taste the real butter in them !!!! <br/><br/><br/><br/>How many of you remember the Old fashion bread?? SO GOOD!!! It had a texture that left you craving for more ! Same for the Chocolates...you would NEVER taste the wax or artificial ingredients that are in the current products !!???!!!!<br/><br/>I sure wish someone from the Sander Family would step forward and bring it ALL BACK :-(

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fredkozlowski April 11, 2014

I turned this recipe into cupcakes. I only used the frosting part of this recipe though. I used my own cake recipe, piped the frosting into the cupcake and piped a swirl on top and then just used a ganache to dip the cupcakes in. Everyone loves them. I am always asked to make them for people. I even made a 300 cupcake tower of them for a friends wedding.

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kellyzeb April 12, 2013
Sanders' Chocolate Bumpy Cake