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The Dominican national dish is called 'La Bandera' and is the distinctive beans and rice. This recipe for sancocho is not the traditional one, but still qualifies as a simple variation and looks good. When I do mine, using chicken, I use beef broth to at least give a two meat flavor. I don't use carrots and do use celery.

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Rainbow - Chef 536866 August 19, 2009

This might be a very good soup recipe, but Dominican Sancocho it’s NOT! As with many other dishes there are a lot variations on Sancocho but there are certain things a Sancocho must have: at least two meats (the full traditional recipe is seven meats), plantains, some type of yam (in the US many people use pumpkin which is easier to find), yucca, garlic, sweet potato and naranja agria (sour orange). Corn, carrots and green onion are variations that are not traditional. The traditional accompaniments are white rice, avocado slices and hot sauce. Looks like I should post my family recipe although I would have to write it down first.

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MarielC January 14, 2007

Used your recipe as a blueprint for a Sancocho Siete Carnes, adding smoked bacon, salt pork, pork chops and sausage. I had never put cilantro or corn into a sancocho or used quite as much water -- all worked nicely and we got several good meals from it. Thanks for posting this hard-to-find recipe.

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fluffernutter September 28, 2005