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The topping was great, no doubt (but does it really count as a recipe, just melted caramels and bagged coconut?). The cookie base is a disaster?meant to be shortbread, I think, it is a dry, floury mouthful lacking in the buttery richness needed in a shortbread. (note that one of the 5-star reviews does not follow the recipe for the base, and uses sugar cookie dough instead). The base is too tender to hold up to the caramel topping, so when you cut these, the bottom crumbles. Icing the powdery bottom is frustrating and messy. I would actually recommend using something more like a Walker?s shortbread (or even USE Walker?s cookies!). Pure melted chocolate, while fine for icing the bottoms of the bars, is too thick to drizzle. Choose a chocolate wisely, as the flavor predominates--I agree with the one review that recommends not icing the bottoms at all. And lastly, I made the grave error of making these for a party without trying the recipe first. The kids and guest seemed to like them, but I got no ?OMG? comments.

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RedHairedMama May 03, 2015

Lessons learned: do not skip the step of mixing together the caramel and coconut! It will not stick to the cookie crust! (it's ok, I remedied the situation lol) The cookie crust is delish. Mixed with the toasted coconut mmmmm. I made these vegan, as I do everything lol Made my own caramel, subbed earth balance for the butter etc and they are devilishly good (and heavy!!) The only thing I would do next time is drizzle some chocolate over the top of each cookie rather then dipping them. I personally found that to be to much chocolate. Made for my cookie trays and I'm sure they'll be a hit! Thank you for the recipe!

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Nikoma December 11, 2012

I made sugar cookies to use as the base instead of the bars - easier to serve at a function. They were a huge hit! Lots of compliments and many that said they liked them even better than the Girl Scout original!

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fivefatcats February 06, 2012
Samoas Bars - Just Like the Girl Scout Cookies!