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These are really good. I added more cinnamon and allspice. Also, a fourth a teaspoon of curry powder gives a little extra flavor. I added a couple of tablespoons of fat free sour cream to keep the meat mixture together. Serve this with honey on the side and you can't go wrong. Very GOOD!

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Cheri Hines March 28, 2002

I loved the flavor of the meat, but I found the pastry to be very dry. I've never made Sambusak before, but I think it was dry because mine had too much the pastry per bite and not enough of the meat (I didn't roll the dough thin enough). This has great appetizer potential - I just need to get the hang of it!

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Kishka September 01, 2003

We all enjoyed these very much. Did take note of other reviewers & added more spice. Also added a dash of chilli as my son loves things 'hot'! Thanks Mirj!

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Tina and Dave March 21, 2008

LOVE it! TRUE! Would definate agree with last two who did review! Added more allspice, cinnamon and tablespoons sour cream! These are so versatile...an entertainer's dream! Re "Break off walnut size pieces of dough".... Followed the recipe...used ground beef instead of shoulder...worked for me.. Sorry to say, made 25, true! No way near the 60 pastries quoted too! THANKS!

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mickeydownunder November 03, 2007

I substituted lamb for the beef and also cut the recipe in half. I didn't have quite enough lamb for the filling so I diced up small one medium potato. Forgot to add the cinnmaom so I lightly sprinkled cinnamon on top. How did I forgot to do that? This turned out to be a multi-cultural recipe since I used my tortilla press from Mexico to flatten the dough and a Chinese dim sum whatsamabob to shape the sambusak. Lightly brushed with olive oil on top of the sambusak and added a sprinkle of cinnamom. The dough was light and flaky, not dry at all. But the best part were that these sambusak, unlike most I've tried were not greasy or heavy due to the fact they are baked, not fried-a big plus! Next time I am definitely going to make the full batch and freeze half for later. Thank you again, Mirj!! cg

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COOKGIRl July 12, 2005
Sambusak (Filled Beef Pastries)