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This was fantastic! The first time I made sambousek, and thanks to your clear instructions they turned out great. Made them along with Tahina Dressing & Sauce for an evening meeting of our team, and everything was eaten up faster than I could take photos! I made one regular batch and one converted into gluten free with gluten free all purpose flour, and that went well, too. Little more fragile, but very tasty. Also I didn't fry them but made them in the oven. For the spinach filling I made as suggested but omitted the sumac and added some zaatar instead. Totally yummy!! Made for PAC fall 2009. Thanks for posting this winner!

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Mia in Germany September 08, 2009

I made an account just to say that this recipe is amazing. I have used the pastry recipe probably 5 times (a few times the sambousek, but also for pasties and other things) since I first made this three weeks ago, and it's always turned out great. I baked rather than deep fried. I used the meat filling recipe as a base a couple of times (not the exact recipe) and that was also delicious. Thanks for posting this recipe!

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Anon31415 March 04, 2016

Lovely little pitas (pies) as we'd call them in Greece. I made small amounts of the various fillings and used refrigerated dough from the supermarket. That way, they were quick to make. Shallow-fried in olive oil. My personal favouritie was the meat-stuffed pastry as I found the meat stuffing very fragrant with the spices. Great snack. Thanks.

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evelyn/athens June 16, 2010

Thanks for the recipe. I baked these with olive oil but they turned out to be a bit hard.

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royal.sweetie January 12, 2010
Sambousek (Spinach, Meat, Cheese Fillings)