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Fabulous brownies, though that may seem a little 'under'-whelming, you must try these! I followed as directed, but the last step (melting the chocolate with the evap. milk) didn't really work for me - operator error, I'm sure. :-) And don't sprinkle the salt too early, as it will melt into everything else. Ha! DH and I are still enjoying them, but they'd be lovely for a sweets tray, or dinner with friend. I also got 16 (instead of 20) small brownies from my 9X9 glass dish; that is plenty big! Thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe, weekend cooker; I'm looking forward to making these again!

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alligirl October 13, 2012

This came out fabulous. So sugary-sweet and delicious. Very indulgent. I recommend letting the caramel truly set before adding the chocolate or slicing; I was a bit over-eager and mine came out a bit messier than the brownies in the photo. But no problem, they still tasted great. One suggested correction: The evaporated milk should not be microwaved together with the chocolate for the topping, I don't think, as this will just curdle the milk and cook the chocolate. Instead, melt the chocolate first and then add the milk and stir until you get the right consistency to drizzle.

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segacs December 27, 2013

OMG!! These are so rich and delicious!! I made this as written, but had to use an 8" X 8" pan and also then got the 16 brownies. After eating half of a brownie, I would say that I have 32 brownies, lol!! I couldn't eat a whole one but sure got my chocolate/sweet fix by eating 1/2 of the brownie. Thanks for sharing a great brownie recipe. Made for "Best of 2012" recipe tag game.

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diner524 February 06, 2013

So delicious, they came out perfect. You know it is good when people ask for the recipe!

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parrishwoman December 20, 2014

I made these as directed, and used Fleur de Sel after they had cooled completely. My only suggestion is to pop the finished pan of brownies in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before cutting. I had a really hard time cutting them so they looked nice enough (the topping really gets globbed up on your knife) to bring somewhere that I wanted to impress people ;) They were SO rich, DH said he could only eat one and my co-workers are cursing me for bringing them in! That's always a good sign :)

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sugrmag78 July 15, 2014

everything a brownie should be. <br/>Love the salty sweet combo. <br/>I messed up and made the topping with the chocolate instead of drizzling.. still tasted great! <br/>Will make again and again for sure!

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Shabby Sign Shoppe June 30, 2014

Wow! Thank you for this recipe.

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Hamza M. June 22, 2014

Wow, what fantastic flavor these delicious brownies have. I am a huge fan of caramel salted chocolate and these do not disappoint. These big, thick, brownies are too die for, rich, decadent and full of flavor. Really terrific. I didn't have any evaporated milk so I used half & half cream, it worked well in this recipe. My caramel was more like fudge, but I'm not complaining, we loved it. Thanks for sharing a keeper of a recipe Doug, I'll be making these often. I have placed this recipe in my Favorites of 2013 Cookbook. Kudos

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Baby Kato January 16, 2013
Salted Caramel Brownies